Espy @ 10 weeks

Espy @ 10 weeks

Saturday, March 31, 2012

They know me in Nashville

Mom and day were returning from vacation, notice they left me at home, changing planes in Nashville when another passenger in the gate area asked about me.  Fred had meet me on the beach when he was vacationing in Fernandina.

He just rescued a German Shepard, thank for the rescue.

Fred, if you check in, here is the Sports Illustrated article on Bouv's dad talked about:

NOBODY TOUCHES ME WITH IMPUNITY -- 1971 Article about Bouv's from Sports Illustrated

That is the warning, in Latin, that is posted over Robert Abady's kennel. It refers to the fierce Bouvier des Flandres guard dogs he raises, but the motto might well be Abady's own.

This is a long article about Robert Abady and his Bouv's.  The article is available at Sports Illustrated archives.

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