Espy @ 10 weeks

Espy @ 10 weeks

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NAWBA 2010 Confirmation Puppy Class

Results from NAWBA Journal, Vol XXIV, No. 4, Winter 2010.  Puppy Male -- "No Placement, Neutered: Espen, handler James Miller.

Judge's Comments/Critique: Body is a little to long.  Would prefer a little thinner.
Details: Head; very good proportions. Skull: very bony. Ears: not cropped, very long. Eyes: dark and very expressive. Muzzle: good. Teeth/bite: crooked bite, complete teeth set. Pigmentation: very good. Neck: little short.  Shoulders/upper arms: excellent. Forearms: excellent.  Elbows: very good.  Ribs: excellent. Back: excellent. Hindquarters: very good, good angulations. Croup: excellent. Tail: correct position. Thighs: very muscled. Flanks/loins: excellent. Legs: very good. Hocks: very good. Feet: tight, easily for large size. Tempermeht/attitude: easy with people.

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  1. very good, Espy! ... I had not thought of posting NAWBA results on my blog. ...thank you for a great idea.